Our Mission is to bring everyone on the west coast high-end, fully customizable homes that are cost effective and built faster than today’s standard.

We produce modern homes that are affordable for all, built truly custom to your wants and needs, while also delivering a streamlined process that’s easy and hassle free for those who want a quality home, delivered the right way.

Affordable for all: Our base models start $120 per square foot and usually takes 12 to 24 weeks, from start to finish. A new constructed home in california is $424 a square foot, and takes several months to a year. At Joy Line Homes, we believe you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. Here are a few examples of how we’ve streamlined our building process.

Design your home before it’s built.

At Joy Line, we give you a photo realistic 3D presentation of your home with our 3D technology, this saves a tremendous amount of time by preventing sudden design changes and unexpected costs. This innovative approach allows us to adjust your home on the fly and demonstrate custom options to better build around your personality and style. Treat your home like a blank canvas and create with our talent 3D designers, a home you’ll love.

Modern features with every home.

A Joy Line Home is the perfect balance of design, and efficiency to create a home that’s comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and smart with your day to day routine. We offer a wide range of modern features and aesthetic options to do just that, such as energy efficient appliances, an electric fireplace, glass partition walls, french doors, custom light fixtures, faux wall textures, several diverse finishes, and more.


Using a smarter approach such as offsite construction, saves you from extended build schedules, wasted materials, theft, and unpredictable weather forecasts. At Joy Line 80-90% of your home is built in our environment controlled facility that minimizes waste and maximizes build efficiency, giving you the highest caliber of construction and materials.

Built to meet federal ( HUD ) standards.

A Joy Line home can be placed virtually anywhere because they are built to federal codes and high standards. All of our homes are factory built, pre-inspected, and come federally permitted, which will supersede county and city building regulations. This means that all of your permits will be taken care of, saving you a tremendous amount of money, time and hassle; all before your home is even delivered.

Ease of process

For most buyers, purchasing a home is the most intimidating task, not with us. We at Joy Line handle everything from designing, communicating with financial lenders, permits and home installation. All in one place from our team of architects, builders and realtors, so you can enjoy customizing your home, to enjoying a family dinner in the matter of a few months.


We have a team ready to assist you with finding the right finance options for you. Contact us now with your ideas and questions.