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For many community members affected by the recent fires that have ravaged the landscape, you may have a feeling of anxiety about what can be a daunting process when beginning to rebuild.

Most of us in Santa Cruz have found extreme frustration in the past if trying to get approval for plans or permits.

I am happy to share that civic leaders are aware of the delay in "red tape issues" that have plagued building and remodeling previously, and have voiced that they will be actively working to "streamline and expedite" that step. That is exactly what we need!

A common question that we receive from clients is "What do I do next?"

Knowing that having a vision of how to get started is key, we are sharing information below to assist in guiding the process.

The planning department has laid out their steps, and have stressed their understood need for urgency and diligence to help re-home its residents in a safe and time-sensitive manner.

Following assessment of property damages, the steps in the re-build process will be as follows:

  • 1) FILE A CLAIM --  Once your property has been assessed for damages, the next step in the process is for you to file a claim with your insurance company. In addition, because Santa Cruz County has been identified as one of the counties most effected by the recent fires, a Presidential Major Declaration was recently approved, which allows property owners to apply for financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • Review the FEMA Claims Information Sheet on additional information regarding filing a FEMA claim. There are deadlines involved so it is best to file as soon as possible.
  • 2) TEMPORARY HOUSING -- If you are considering temporary housing in an RV or other temporary accommodation either on or off site of your property while you rebuild, click HERE for information. An application form for a temporary accommodation permit is found HERE.
  • 3) CALAMITY APPLICATION -- File a Calamity Application with the Assessor’s Office. Through this process Assessor’s Office staff will initiate re-assessment of your property, which includes enable them to share property record information with you. Please go to the Assessor’s Office website at: for the application and more information.
  • 4) ACQUIRE YOUR BUILDING RECORDS -- Obtain Building Permit records, including archived project plans, by emailing the Records Room staff at:
  • Please use the email title “Fire Records Request” to allow for expedited processing.
  • These records are required for staff to determine next steps in the permitting process.
  • 5) OBTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE --  Obtain Environmental Clearance for debris removal from the site.
  • More information HERE.
  • 6) PERMITS -- Permit application, submission, and review. Most single-family residential projects will require a Building Permit only; however, some locations or projects may need a discretionary development permit, environmental resource permit, or other special exception or consideration.
  • 7) BUILD IT! -- Construction and final inspections.

 For a Direct Link to the Recover and rebuild Plan from the Santa Cruz planning department:  CLICK HERE. 

Joy Line Homes is ready and able to assist you with planning out your new home. 

Our aim is to supply high-quality homes, with full customization options-- while providing cost effective build techniques and expedited timelines. Our homes are allowable on nearly any building site, and we are able to partner with your lender, insurance company, and contractor to simplify the process.

One of the best advantages of a Joy Line home is the smoothed out permit process. While Santa Cruz County will approve the site, foundation, and utilities; the permits needed for the actual home are done off-site. (While the high building standards remain the same, all home inspections are performed in-factory by the Federal Housing Authority at each step. This greatly reduces time delays, costs, and headaches! Our homes are delivered to your location nearly finished, with permits pre-approved.)

We here for you, and are available for any questions you may have!

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